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SIA Door Supervisor positions available

SIA Licensed Door Supervisor positions available as we have a new bar opening in Birmingham.

Please apply via our website or email [email protected] if you are interested in a position.

Section 9 Offences


Rising numbers of section 9 offences committed by Front Line DS

There has recently been a noted increase in the number of section 9 offences being committed by Front Line Door Supervisors. For the avoidance of doubt please see below for clarification of your obligations as a frontline licence holder. If you need to update your details or need to contact the SIA please do so asap to avoid any unnecessary interruption to your licence validity.

Front line Door Supervisor staff must:
-Wear your licence where it can be seen at all times when engaging in designated licensable activity unless you have reported it lost or stolen, or it is in the possession of the SIA.
-Tell the SIA and the police in writing as soon as practicable if your licence is lost or stolen.
-Tell the SIA in writing as soon as practicable of any convictions, cautions or warnings, or charges for relevant offences whether committed in the UK or abroad.
-Tell the SIA in writing of any changes to your name or address as soon as practicable.
-Not deface or change the licence in any way (should your licence become damaged, you should advise the SIA and request a replacement).
-Not wear a licence that has been defaced or altered in any way.
-Produce the licence for inspection on the request of any constable, any member or employee of the SIA or other person authorised by the SIA.
-Return the licence to the SIA as soon as practicable if you are asked to do so.
-Tell the SIA in writing as soon as practicable of any change to your right to remain or work in the UK.

Please contact the office with any queries.

Human Sniffer Dog


Alan Johnston received his award for having the highest amount of drug seizures in a year

Alan Johnston has worked in Missoula Glasgow for two years, he is a valued member of the team.
He has received his award for having the highest amount of drug seizures in a year. (OVER 100)

I was a proud manager when I told him he was getting this award as no one else within the company has seized so many drugs, to my surprise Alan got very emotional and shed a tear. Alan " all I was doing was my job and it's so unexpected"

All the team at Missoula congratulated him and after a post on his Facebook he has been overwhelmed with praise from family, friends and staff.

Door Supervisor Course - 2nd March


5 day Door Supervisors Course at our Head Office

On 2nd March 2015 Education and Training Services are holding a Door Supervisors course at our Head Office location.

This course lasts for 5 days and includes everything you will need to know to apply for an SIA Licence and work as a Door Supervisor.

Cost is 150 for the full 5 days, including VAT and examination costs.

If you are interested please call 0191 216 9572 and speak to our Training Department.

Nationwide Coverage

Although we are based in Newcastle upon Tyne, we now have national coverage. Our management infrastructure allows us to slowly but surely expand our expertise into towns and cities that we don’t already have a presence in.

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Challenge 21-25

Challenge 25 is a retailing strategy that encourages anyone who is over 18 but looks under 25 to carry acceptable ID (a card bearing the PASS hologram, a photographic driving license or a passport) if they wish to buy alcohol.

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Phoenix Eye

CCTV, Manned Guarding and security and protection for your premises are just some of the things Phoenix Eye can now help you with

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Education and Training Services

Security and safety training is now available, allowing you and your staff the ability to deal with a wide variety of issues

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