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Phoenix Security Provide Event Security For The Tramline Festival In Sheffield


Some great photos of our staff taken by Area Manager Andy Cambridge during the busy Tramline Festival Weekend in Sheffield!




A dj was approached while working by a young girl and asked for the first time, "Is Angela working tonight?" - having read about the #AskforAngela initiative He knew instantly what she was referencing, said yes, told her to jump in the DJ booth with him, (she was extremely nervous...) and in turn asked the nearest security guard the same question. Luckily, he too knew, and the young girl was escorted through the back of the venue and into a taxi immediately. Her "date" upon returning from the bathroom was asked to leave by management, he without delay turned violent and security stepped-in.

Basically, #AskforAngela is a scheme in place (established in the UK) which aims at reducing sexual violence and vulnerability by providing WOMEN and MEN with a subtle phrase to assist getting them out of potentially dangerous and helpless situations. First-dates, Tinder-dates or frankly getting home alone after a night out can unfortunately (history-proven) be a risk. I urge all DJs, venues, those in hospitality/night-life to look into the concept and educate yourselves and your staff. It may seem extreme, but sometimes you may be someones only option,
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SIA Notice


As part of the Security Industry Authority ‘Safer Nights Out’ Campaign, the SIA would like to encourage the reporting of violence against security personnel.

Please see the following posters below with statistics about some of the abuse Security Personnel face on a daily basis.

Phoenix Security Provide event Security For Plate Day 2019


A big thank you to all of our staff who worked Plate Day especially in the very warm conditions!

SIA Notice


The Security Industry Authority are running a new National Campaign called Safer Nights Out.

This campaign aims to target the Night Time Economy to raise knowledge and awareness about the importance of safer restraint and that physical restraint should be a last resort only.

This campaign also has the joint aim of encouraging the reporting of violence against security personnel due to the increasing amounts of abuse and assault security personnel face in the workplace.

Nationwide Coverage

Although we are based in Newcastle upon Tyne, we now have national coverage. Our management infrastructure allows us to slowly but surely expand our expertise into towns and cities that we don’t already have a presence in.

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Challenge 21-25

Challenge 25 is a retailing strategy that encourages anyone who is over 18 but looks under 25 to carry acceptable ID (a card bearing the PASS hologram, a photographic driving license or a passport) if they wish to buy alcohol.

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Phoenix Eye

CCTV, Manned Guarding and security and protection for your premises are just some of the things Phoenix Eye can now help you with

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Education and Training Services

Security and safety training is now available, allowing you and your staff the ability to deal with a wide variety of issues

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