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Northumberland Plate Festival 2014


Phoenix Security and Phoenix Eye work together to provide security for one of the leading horse races in the world

Phoenix Security provided security at this year's Northumberland Plate Festival at Newcastle's Gosforth Park racecourse.

Phoenix Security provided additional Door Supervisors to work alongside our sister company, Phoenix Eye, who provided over 100 event safety stewards to cover the three day festival.

Phoenix Security put in place an entrance search team as well as providing Door Supervisors across the events several bars to ensure everyone had a safe and enjoyable time.

The Northumberland Plate is one of the highlights in the racing calendar, and has been since its beginnings on Newcastle's Town Moor in 1833. Traditionally, Plate Day was the centerpiece of the famous Race Week, when the regions mine workers were on holiday, hence why the main event is known as the Pitman's Derby, run on the Saturday.

The 140,000 pound John Smith's Northumberland Plate run, Saturday's main race, was won this year by Angel Gabrial, ridden by George Chaloner, giving North Yorkshire trainer Richard Fahey his first Plate success at Newcastle.

Over 20,000 people were in attendance across the three day festival and this year saw about 650 catering staff serving customers across more bars and marquees than previous years.

There was also an Oasis tribute band, No-oasis, an F1 driving simulator and a Queen tribute band to entertain the guests.

Phoenix Security Door Supervisors were in attendance on the busiest day of the festival to ensure a safe and secure environment for the race-goers. Luckily, the weather seemed to hold for most of the day and the event on the whole was a huge success.

Thank-you to all of our Door Supervisors and Phoenix Eye stewards who worked across the weekend. Great work team, well done.

Phoenix Security Taxi Marshall Stephen Kemp awarded Excellence Award


Stephen Kemp recieves a Phoenix Security Excellent Award for putting his Vulerability Training to good use; intervening and helping a young vulnerable girl in a potentially dangerous situation

Congratulations to Stephen Kemp, Phoenix Security Taxi Marshall, who intervened and helped a young girl in an extremely vulnerable situation.

This is a copy of the letter we received thanking Stephen Kemp and our other taxi marshalls for helping the young girl which is a great example of how Door Supervisors can care for vulnerable people on a night out.

"I am writing this letter to give credit to Taxi Marshall Stephen Kemp for doing a great job in helping a young girl on Wilson Street, 4am Sunday morning.

I was the first car on the taxi rank that morning on Wilson Street, Middlesbrough when I noticed a young girl who was so intoxicated that she had passed out outside Malone's Pizza Shop.

A man passing by picked up the girl and brought her to my taxi. I could sense that something did not look right about this man and Taxi Marshall Stephen Kemp must have noticed so too.

Stephen Kemp came over to my car and questioned the man who insisted that he knew the girl and had been with the girl all night. The young girl was in no condition to verify this. The man kept asking me to move the taxi and leave the rank but Stephen Kemp had asked me to stay there until he cleared the matter up.

He managed to get a name of a friend of the girl and with the help of the other two Taxi Marshalls on duty they managed to get hold of the girls friend who said that she was with her all night and there was no other person with them. After hearing this, the man that had brought the girl to the rank quickly exited the taxi and ran off.

I believe that night Mr Stephen Kemp saved the girl from a dangerous situation; she could have been mugged or worse. He and the other two Taxi Marshalls should be credited for doing an excellent job for acting on their instinct and not letting the man leave with the young girl who was in no condition to make any decisions for herself.

I would like to thank them for doing an excellent job not only for helping taxi drivers on the rank but also helping the general public.
Hackney Carriage, Middlesbrough Council."

Great work Stephen, and great work to all our other Taxi Marshalls who assisted in the incident.

Phoenix Security Door Supervisors using their Vulnerablity Training to care for young girl.


Door Supervisors at Hotel Indigo, Newcastle are thanked for caring for a young, intoxicated female who was on a night out in Newcastle.

We have recently been forwarded this email from Hotel Indigo Newcastle, highlighting the excellent job done by our Door Supervisors caring for a vulnerable young girl.

Great work team, it's excellent to see our Door Supervisors using their Vulnerability Training within their roles.

Hotel Indigo received this email from a very grateful parent whose daughter was helped by some of our Door Supervisors whilst on a night out in the city:

"To all staff of your hotel, Saturday 21st/Sunday 22nd June...

I would like to extend a very big thank you to you all, especially your door staff who took my distraught, drunken daughter in, gave her water and spoke to me from her phone to give me directions to your hotel in order to pick her up.

I am extremely thankful that there are door staff like yourselves who look out for vulnerable young girls. I cannot tell you how grateful myself and my husband are that, thanks to your actions, this night had a safe ending.

Thank you thank you, thank you,
Most grateful mam in the world
x x"

A massive well done for all the staff involved, an excellent job well done!

Phoenix Security receives a great testimonial for security provided at Newcastle's Theatre Royal.


Well done to the whole Phoenix Security team who worked at the theatre - a great job well done.

"When we started investigating venue security we had specific ideas about how we, at Newcastle Theatre Royal, wanted to support our audiences and staff. It was an unknown area for us to be entering and our requirements were pretty bespoke. We needed a company who would go along with our aims and objectives and deliver exceptional levels of customer service 100% of the time.

We found that Phoenix Security could do all this and more - they fitted in straightaway and our staff enjoyed working with them all. I am very happy with the service they provide and am delighted to be working alongside them.

I would also like to add that all the Door Supervisors who were with us during Dirty Dancing were great and our staff really enjoyed having them here.

I would particularly like to mention Stephen Mason, who was smashing, and always went the extra mile. His customer service was impeccable and he dealt with every situation in a calm and professional manner.

He took the pressure off Ian, Neil and the front of house team, which allowed them to get on with the day to day running of the show. Please pass on our thanks - he was a star in our eyes.

Joe was also fab, but to be honest, they were all amazing. I think they should all receive a commendation for excellence in the line of duty!"

Dawn Taylor, Director of Operations at Newcastle Theatre Royal.

Congratulations team - great work!

Courtney Shoulder gets Gold at North of England Judo Championships


Young Judo Champion Courtney Shoulder impresses again at the North of England Judo Championships

Courtney Shoulder, young Judo Champion, went to the North of England Judo Championships in Bradford last weekend.

As this was an England ranking event she was fighting in the 44kg category, however there were no other girls in her group so she was asked to fight the contestants in the next weight group; 48kg.

She had to win at least one fight to get her England points and she fought four fights - winning three! She was beaten by the overall winner but this didn't matter as she had achieved her maximum 100 points and gold.

Congratulations Courtney!

Home Office Minister launches new PASS Proof of Age Card


Norman Baker MP, Minister of State for Crime Prevention, launched the new PASS 18 plus card design today at Tiger Tiger in London's West End. He was joined by Chief Constable Adrian Lee, Licensing Lead for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and Bill Butler, Chief Executive of the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

Introducing the changes, Robert Humphreys, Chair of PASS said "In future, all PASS cards issued to people over the age of 18 in England and Wales will be of a standard design (see picture) to ease recognition."

"This is the most fundamental change to the PASS Proof of Age Scheme since its launch in 2001. During this time over 5 million cards have been issued and the PASS hologram is widely recognised and accepted in both the on and off trade."

Norman Baker MP, Minister of State at the Home Office, said "Alcohol-fuelled harm costs society around 21billion a year and the coalition government is determined to significantly reduce this."

"The launch of the new Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) 18+ Design Standard is a major step forward in the prevention of alcohol abuse and associated anti-social behaviour by underage drinkers."

"The new PASS cards will also lead to fewer people losing their passport on a night out, which in turn will reduce offences such as identity theft and fraud."

"I encourage the security industry and all owners of licensed premises to get behind PASS and ensure the cards are accepted by their staff."

Adrian Lee, Chief Constable of Northampton and Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) lead on licensing said "Enforcing the law on underage sale is a major policing priority."

"When I joined the PASS Board last year, I issued a challenge that PASS should adopt a single design for all cards issued to those aged 18 and over in England and Wales."

"One objective was to make it easier for Door Staff to identify cards outside venues when it is not only busy but often dark. I have been enormously impressed with the speed that the industry has responded to this challenge and convinced that this will be a major step forward in preventing under age sales."

"Lost Passports cause a major problem not only for the owner but for the police should they fall into the hands of criminals. It makes no sense for young people to take these valuable documents into town for a night out. I would like to see PASS become the preferred proof of age for the night time economy."

Bill Butler, Chief Executive of the Security Industry Authority said "SIA licensed Door Supervisors have a difficult job to do, often in a challenging environment. The PASS proof of age card has helped door staff carry out their duties in a responsible and effective way, and the new card design is a massive step forward in making PASS cards easy for door staff to recognise and accept."

Five steps to check a PASS card:

Step 1. Check the design - does it conform to the new 18+ template or is it an old style card or a Young Scot Card (
Step 2. Check the hologram - is it genuine?
Step 3. Check the photo - does it match the cardholder?
Step 4. Check the card - has it been tampered with?
Step 5. Check the person - Are you satisfied?

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Challenge 21-25

Challenge 25 is a retailing strategy that encourages anyone who is over 18 but looks under 25 to carry acceptable ID (a card bearing the PASS hologram, a photographic driving license or a passport) if they wish to buy alcohol.

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