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Phoenix Security Employee - Joe Prudhoe helps to save Man drowning in the Tyne


RISKING their lives, these nightclub workers were hailed guardian angels after plucking a river plunge victim to safety.

RISKING their lives, these nightclub workers were hailed guardian angels after plucking a river plunge victim to safety.

Phoenix Door Supervisor Joe Prudhoe and DJs James Hughes and Greg Sells, who all work at Riverside Nightclub on the Quayside, staged the dramatic rescue which left them in hospital fighting hypothermia.

The drama unfolded just about 3:20am, and the trio had just finished a busy Friday night shift when a man was spotted fighting to stay above the surface of the Tyne.

Swept along in the strong current on a night of driving rain and low temperatures, the male, believed to be in his 20s, disappeared below the freezing water seconds later.

The alarm was raised by Phoenix's own Joe Prudhoue, who dialled 999 for help, before the brave friends risked their lives to launch a mercy mission.

The trio threw themselves into the icy waters of the Tyne, and formed a human chain which enabled them to fight against the current and keep themselves afloat as well as the man they were trying to rescue. They remained in the waters in this position for 20 minutes, before the fire service and ambulance arrived to assist.

Joe, Greg and James were all taken to Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary and were treated for mild hypothermia, whilst the drowning man was treated in intensive care. He wasn't breathing when he arrived, but dedicated resuscitation efforts brought him back to life, and after two days in intensive care he was discharged.

After two days on an intensive care ward, and treatment for hypothermia, he was discharged.

Phoenix Door Supervisor Joe said: We were slowly freezing and clinging to some metal steps on the river wall for dear life. We couldnt have clung on much longer.

A spokesman for Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service praised them for their actions.

He said: This was a situation that could have ended tragically.

Are you the man rescued from the River Tyne or do you know him? Call Alastair Craig on 0191 201 6307.

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