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Newcastle nightclub Door Supervisor's to wear headcams


Door Supervisor's at Bambu nightclub, in Newcastle's Bigg Market, will start wearing the devices to capture images of any problems caused by revellers.

It is hoped the cameras will also help prevent flashpoints occurring by acting as a deterrent against potential troublemakers. Phoenix Security is introducing the hi-tech measure, which it hopes to roll-out across the city in future months.

And police have also given their backing to the scheme, having already seen the benefits of installing cameras in officers' helmets to help bring offenders to justice. Chief Insp Geoff Logan said: "The headcams are something the police have started to use in a number of situations to great effect, so we are very interested to see these developments with door staff in the centre of Newcastle."

Bambu, formerly Blu Bambu, has had a major facelift and teamed up with Phoenix, who provide all doorstaff for the venue. Door Supervisor's will also use the headcams to capture images of any fake ID cards presented by punters. All footage is simultaneously routed and stored back at Phoenix Security's Killingworth headquarters.

Steve Howe, director of Phoenix Security, said: "We are delighted to be bringing this type of technology into the heart of Newcastle. It has been a system we have used successfully in other parts of the country and we know it will prove a huge success for Bambu and, we hope, for the rest of Newcastle soon."

"Our door operators have reported back on how the headcams, as well as recording any flashpoints, have acted as a huge visual deterrent against those who fear their actions will permanently be recorded."

The headcams are worn so a small but very visible device sits on the temple of the member of doorstaff. The individual can control the camera at the touch of a handheld button.

Steve added: "If the introduction of the headcams for our staff at Bambu proves the success we predict, then there is no reason why we cannot start to roll this out across all our entertainment and leisure partners in the city."

Bob Dawson, head of operations for Ultimate Leisure, which operates Bambu on behalf of parent company Orchid Group, said: "The safety of our patrons is our number one priority, so we are thrilled to be working with Phoenix Security on the exciting re-opening of Bambu."

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