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Phoenix Door Staff help with arrest in York


Our York Door Staff spot attack suspect following police appeal

A man, suspected of an attack in York was arrested on a night out after Phoenix Security Door Staff recognised him from a police appeal.
Our staff, working a Yates in York, contacted police after they saw someone fitting the description of a man wanted in connection with an assault which took place in August.
Officers rushed to the scene and arrested the man, who was taken into custody and questioned that night.
Sergeant Martin Metcalfe, of York Police, praised the proactive work of the officers who had been trying to find the suspect, and also the work of Door Staff who spotted the suspect and contacted the police.
Sgt Metcalfe said: "We have been after him for a while, and he hasnt been responding to phone calls.
"But unfortunately for him, hes been arrested on a Friday night while out in town trying to have a good night out. We like to work with partners and Door Staff are another partner we work closely with. If we didnt have that relationship, we wouldnt have found him."
The man was later released on conditional bail.
The arrest was part of a weekend of increased patrols around North Yorkshire last Friday and Saturday.
Under the national campaign led by the Association of Chief Police Officers, to crack down on alcohol-fuelled disorder, and raise awareness of the impact alcohol has on the police and NHS workers in the city.
Assistant Chief Constable Paul Kennedy went on patrol with officers, while paramedics and police officers worked together, to help reassure people in the city and ensure the night time economy was a safe place.
ACC Kennedy said that there is a certain tolerance about alcohol and I think this is about people taking responsibility for that. Being drunk is no excuse for bad behaviour, whether thats in public or private, and the law applies whether you are drunk or not. York needs to stay the place people want to come to. Binge drinking and pre-loading drinks causes us concern. I think people would be shocked at the behaviour or people who are heavily intoxicated and the demand that puts on police and our partner agencies.

The extra patrols also highlighted the importance of the relationship between police and local bars and door staff.

The Phoenix Security staff involved will be awarded our Phoenix Security Excellentia award for their involvement and to recognise their success and achievement within their roles as Door Supervisors.

Phoenix Staff awarded Certificate of Excellence


Congratulations, Maggie White & Sean Smith

Maggie White and Sean Smith, who work at a Phoenix Security venue in York, were both awarded the Phoenix Security Excellentia award.

Both members of staff provided excellent care towards a female customer who fell and seriously injured herself in the venue. Sean was first on the scene to help the customer.

He then called for assistance from Maggie, one of our female Door Supervisors, to help attend the injured customer.

Both provided excellent care, and were highly praised by the female who contacted us to thank the two for their help.

Great work, well done.

Top photo: Maggie White being presented her award by Regional Manager, Dave Mitchell

Bottom photo: Sean Smith receiving his award from Regional Manager, Dave Mitchell.

Testimonial for our Close Protection Security


Tom Broadbent comments on the secrutiy we providing for Mo Farah

At this years Great North Run Phoenix Security provided Close Protection for Olympic Athlete, Mo Farah.

"Nova International utilised Phoenix Securitys close protection operatives at the 2013 Bupa Great North Run to ensure the safety of Mo Farah after the finish of the race and during media & press requirements. The operative provided first class, non-obtrusive safety and peace of mind in a highly public and busy location. We would not hesitate to use this service again and thank all at Phoenix for their service throughout the Great North Run."

Tom Broadbent
Elite Athlete Coordinator

Another great testimonial for Phoenix Security.

Industry Updates


Industry updates from Validate UK

A Punch too Far

Swansea Police, with the support of the A&E Dept at Morriston Hospital, Swansea have recently launched a new campaign to reduce violence, especially violence associated with the night time economy. You may already be aware of this campaign as it was recently featured on HTV news.

A Punch too Far

Swansea Police, with the support of the A&E Dept at Morriston Hospital, Swansea have recently launched a new campaign to reduce violence, especially violence associated with the night time economy. You may already be aware of this campaign as it was recently featured on HTV news.

The purpose of the campaign is to educate the public that there can be more than one victim of violent crime incident; an offender, their families and friends can, through the actions of the offender become a victim and suffer some consequences, i.e. stigma of a trial, imprisonment, loss of employment, embarrassment in the community etc. It is hoped that these consequences will make people realise the potential harm they could do themselves, families and friends through their actions, thereby preventing the violence from occurring in the first instance.

There is a DVD film which shows the impact of a violent incident on the victim and his family. This film shows the actual CCTV image of the violent incident and has the victim talking on it. Through the strong partnership work that exists in Swansea the offender in this incident was caught, prosecuted and subsequently jailed for 9years at Swansea Crown Court.

Please follow this link to view the film

News from Hereford

As a wise man once said; "It is one thing to show a man the error of his ways, but entirely another to put him in possession of the truth."

The most punitive of all measures available, a HAND Scheme, is to ban a member of the public from all licensed premises within the Scheme for periods of between 3 and 12 months, once a persons behaviours have warranted it. Further breaches lead to extended banning periods.
Mr Dan Guerche is the General Manager of the Herefords largest and most vibrant nightclub, PLAY, and is also the current Chair of Hereford Citys HAND (Hereford Against Night-time Disorder) Pubwatch Scheme. Recognising that there were a considerable number of persons subject to a pubwatch ban, with a commensurate loss of revenue to the Night-time Economy, he pondered on alternative ways in which to re engage with these customers in a positive way. He arrived at an Alcohol Diversion Scheme, whereby persons who had been banned in certain circumstances are offered a course of training which would help them address their alcohol consumption and consequent alcohol-related behaviours.

Dr David Marshall is an Associate of the Bulmer Foundation, who has already delivered the highly successful Bottletop Project which helps young people to consider, modify or address their relationship with alcohol which has successfully been rolled out within an educational setting; their website is very well worth a visit.

Dan therefore sought out Daves successful experience and expertise, and together they devised the BOTTLETOP/HAND Alcohol Awareness & Diversion Scheme. Dave obtained the necessary though minimal public funding.

The objective of the course is to raise the recipients understanding about alcohol awareness, health and social consequences, managed drinking strategies and de-escalation of situations often experienced when under the influence of alcohol. The course is provided over two hours by a health professional drugs and alcohol worker, and successful completion is not attained through attendance alone, but by self-reflective realisation of consequences.

This scheme commenced in March of 2013 and to date, 24 persons subject of a pre-existing HAND Ban have been selected (by the HAND Scheme Licensees themselves) to attend the course. To date we have seen NO recipient receive a further Ban through alcohol-related anti-social behaviours. This (100%) remarkable success is, of course, unsustainable but augers well for the future. At present, we believe that this scheme is only scheme of its type running nationally, and its success will now be externally and critically evaluated before being offered as best practice elsewhere regionally.

Alcohol Education Trust

Here is the link to the Trusts September newsletter;

As always the newsletter is well worth a read.

Vulnerable People Training: Professional Security Magazine


Training to be rolled-out nationally.

The regulator the Security Industry Authority (SIA) with Northumbria Police announced the national roll-out of training for door supervisors on the issue of vulnerable people.

The new content will be included in the current mandatory SIA developed training modules for door supervisors from November 2013. That training will cover:

Identifying vulnerable people.
Understanding the risks to vulnerable people being ejected from, or refused entry to, a venue, and what actions can be taken to protect them.
Identifying the behaviour of sexual predators.
Identifying and knowing how to report indicators of child sexual exploitation.

The extra course material will, according to the authorities, ensure door supervisors can identify vulnerable people and know what steps to take to help protect them.

Those trained will assess triggers of vulnerability, these include: the amount of alcohol someone has consumed, their age, whether they are on their own or have lost contact with their friends, the surrounding environment and weather conditions.

The training has been developed as a result of work between the SIA, Northumbria Police, Safe Newcastle and the Tyneside-based door supervisor and contract security company Phoenix Security.

Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria, Vera Baird, said: "I am delighted this is now a compulsory part of the SIA approved door supervisor training nationwide. We need to be doing everything we can to protect vulnerable people. It is really important for people to be able to go out and socialise and know they are in a safe environment.

"This kind of partnership is the first of its kind in Northumbria and has proven to be a leading example of what can be achieved when agencies work together on key issues. I am really proud of this work and what we have achieved so far."

SIA Competency Manager Tony Holyland said:
"The SIA is pleased to be working alongside Northumbria Police and the Home Office to help protect those who enjoy the night-time economy. Teaching door supervisors to be aware and to deal with vulnerable revellers is a welcomed addition to their training. It is encouraging to see that the authorities are placing more trust in the hands of door supervisors to ensure the protection of the public."

By law, security operatives working under contract and all door supervisors must hold and display a valid SIA licence. A non-front line licence is required for those who manage, supervise and/or employ individuals who engage in licensable activity, as long as front line activity is not carried out; this includes directors and partners.

Information about SIA enforcement and penalties can be found on the website:

Vulnerability Care Training to be rolled out Nationally


The new vulnerability training, which Phoenix Security staff were the first in the country to undertake, is to be rolled out on a National scale.

Phoenix Security joined forces with Northumbria Police, Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird and Safe Newcastle to pilot the training, which looks at making sure Door Supervisors are able to identify vulnerable people and ensure they know what steps to take to protect them.
As the training has been such a success in the North East, the scheme is to be adopted by the SIA and will be presented to Door Supervisors across the UK.

More than 100,000 door staff outside clubs and bars across the country will take part in this specialised Security Industry Authority (SIA) training which will make sure those trained will be able to assess 'triggers' of vulnerability; these could include the amount of alcohol someone has consumed, their age and whether they are on their own or have lost contact with their friends.

Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria, Vera Baird, said: "folk do get vulnerable, so now training door staff not to just look after the four corners of the property where they work, but to take a duty of care to people in a vulnerable state means there are extra eyes to ears to look after people."

One of our Door Supervisors, Chris Woodcock, who has taken part in the training said to Sky news: "It just makes you more aware that when you have to ask somebody to leave a club because they're drunk, rather than just putting them outside, you know you have a responsibility to make sure that they have the means to get home."If not, if we can't help them, we phone the police. The police are now more aware that vulnerable people are being passed on to them by door staff."

Phoenix Securitys Managing Director, Steve Howe, commented on how this training shows the vast changes within our industry: "Door Staff have many roles and this is one of the most important. Long gone are the days when Door Staff were seen as just bouncers. Our staff are highly trained to spot any issues or potential problems and this training means they can help officers protect vulnerable people.
If someone has had too much to drink, has become lost from their friends, has no way of getting home there will be help available and our staff will know how to access it."

We are extremely proud to have taken part in the initial pilot of this training, and it is a great feeling that this unique and important scheme started off in the North East.
A huge thank-you and congratulations to Northumbria Police, Northumbria PCC Vera Baird and Safe Newcastle for all their hard work.

See the story on the following news links below:

Great North Run 2013


Phoenix Security provided Security for the 2013 Great North Run, one of the North Easts biggest sporting events.

Once again Phoenix Security provided security for the 2013 Great North Run, and our team did a great job in the difficult weather conditions.

The team, overseen by Head of Operations Colin Austin and Operations Manager Paul Gourley did an outstanding job looking after VIPs and Elite Athletes at the finish in South Shields.

We brought in one of our Managing Directors close friends, Sean Colsey, a highly experienced Close Protection Officer to look after Olympic 10,000m and 5,000m Athlete Mo Farrah as he came over the finish line, narrowly getting beaten at the post by Ethiopias Kenenisa Bekele.

The day ended another great week for Phoenix Security, looking after some of the worlds greatest sportsmen. A big thank you to all of our staff who helped make it all possible, and a huge well done to all the runners who took part.

Security provided for the launch of new magazine, La Di Da


Phoenix Security provided security for the launch of new Northern magazine - La Di Da

Phoenix Security were asked to provide security for the launch of new high society magazine La Di Da.

The night was a great success.

Check out the new magazine here:

Newcastle United Legends v AC Milan Glorie


Steve Harpers 20 Years Testimonial Match

Phoenix Security had great pleasure in providing security for the AC Milan's Glorie team and the Newcastle United Legends team. Some of the world's greatest players were staying at Newcastle's Hotel Indigo prior to their match at Newcastle's St James Park for Steve Harpers testimonial.
Phoenix Security were on hand to make sure that security was not compromised, and throughout the day our team provided security for the players who were in and outside of the hotel signing autographs and having their pictures taken with fans who had travelled from as far as Italy to see their idols.

Carl Dunn agent for AC Milan said "security was fantastic, very professional and the players felt safe throughout their stay at Hotel Indigo I would certainly use and recommend Phoenix Security for any future security requirements."

A great day and a job well done for Phoenix Security.

Nationwide Coverage

Although we are based in Newcastle upon Tyne, we now have national coverage. Our management infrastructure allows us to slowly but surely expand our expertise into towns and cities that we don’t already have a presence in.

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Challenge 21-25

Challenge 25 is a retailing strategy that encourages anyone who is over 18 but looks under 25 to carry acceptable ID (a card bearing the PASS hologram, a photographic driving license or a passport) if they wish to buy alcohol.

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Phoenix Eye

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Education and Training Services

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