Terms and Conditions

Identification for Vetting and working regulations

Continued employment is conditional upon satisfactory vetting and general performance. After submitting your application you must provide colour copies of the following: (please note we can accept photo copies of ID, SIA Licence and Driving Licence taken with a mobile phone as long as it's clear and in colour)

Along with full name, to us by either post or email to:


[email protected]


Phoenix Security UK, Patrick House,
Gosforth Park Avenue, Gosforth Business Park,
Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE12 8EG

List 1

List 2

In addition to the above, you must also supply one of the following:

Weekly charge to Door Supervisors

There is a charge of £4.00 per week to all new Door Supervisors from the 07.04.2013 which includes the cost of the following:-

We will no longer charge the one off charge for the tie and armbands and on-going charges as and when issued, but will charge the above to cover the on-going costs.

Benefit/Payment following injury at work

Public Liability Insurance;

Criminal Defence Solicitors

We have tied up with DJMS Criminal Defence Solicitors who will support our staff through the unfortunate possibility of being arrested whilst working as a Door Supervisor.

They are specialists and experienced criminal lawyers and advocates who deal with all criminal matters from the outset at the Police Station to the High Court, no matter where you are in the UK. Representing clients nationally and internationally and are involved in many complex, high profile and serious cases.

If you are whilst working as a Door Supervisor arrested, simply phone 0191 510 1211 and no matter where you are in the UK they will assist you. By simply stating that you are an employee of Phoenix Security they will guide and advise you at times when difficulties arise.